2020 Tournament

The results of the 6th Annual Tullis Ice Fishing Memorial Tournament (1/25/2020):

Kids Tournament:

Biggest Fish (boys) 1st Place: Landyn Hylla .85lb Crappie – won a bike



Biggest Fish (girls) 1st Place: Kylie Thompson 1.01lb crappie -won trip to Mille Lacs



Biggest Fish (girls)2nd Place: Kenlee Behr .33lb Sunny – won a bike



Biggest Northern (kids): No Northern caught by kids


Biggest Fish Non-Northern (kids): Landyn Hylla .55lb Bass – won rod/reel combo and tackle



Biggest Walleye (kids) 1st Place: No Walleyes caught by kids
Biggest Crappie (kids) 1st Place: Braedyn Cihlar .78lb Crappie – won rod/reel combo and tackle



Biggest Sunfish (kids) 1st Place: Dylen Sandven .36lb Sunny – won rod/reel combo and tackle




Adults Tournament:

Biggest Northern: Lori Anderson 4.74lb Northern – won spear and 1 of a kind decoy



Biggest Non-Category Fish: Dean Aasen 3.68lb Bass – won Clam Fish house



Biggest Walleye: No Walleyes were caught and prize was drawn and awarded to Cole Garvick – Clam Fish house



Biggest Sunfish: Brayden Evans .40lb Sunny – won Vexilar (Brayden is only 7 years old and caught biggest sunny overall so won adult prize)



Biggest Crappie: Chris Erickson 1.19lb Crappie – won Ion Auger



2nd Biggest Northern: Colton Disrud 4.41lb Northern – won Commander rod



2nd Biggest Non-Category Fish: Peyton Winter 2.89lb Bass – won Commander rod



2nd Biggest Walleye: No Walleyes were caught – prize was drawn and awarded to James Rooney – won Commander Rod



2nd Biggest Sunfish: Masyn Schrantz .39lb Sunny – won Commander rod (Masyn is also a kid who won 2nd biggest overall Sunny and won adult prize)



2nd Biggest Crappie: Peyton Winter 1.03lb Crappie – won Commander rod




Pictures from the winner of the 2019 Fishing Tournament for a guided fishing trip on Lake of the Woods

Pictures from the tournament:

Thank You to EVERYONE who came, donated, volunteered, supported!! This tournament would not be what it is without the help of all of you!!! THANK YOU!!!