2022 Tournament

The results of the 8th Annual Tullis Ice Fishing Memorial Tournament (2/5/2022):


2022 Wrestling Scholarship Winners: TBD


What a great success we had at the tournament. The weather was a little cooler than previous years due to the wind but fish were caught, memories were made and prizes were given away. We knew Anthony was watching over smiling, as once again like every year during tournament, the bald eagle circled and made his appearance.

Kids Tournament:
Biggest Fish (boys) 1st Place: 
Biggest Fish (girls) 1st Place: 
Biggest Fish (boys) 2nd Place:
Biggest Fish (girls) 2nd Place: 
Biggest Northern (kids): 
Biggest Fish Non-Northern (kids):  Kenlee Behr (6) – 1.14# bass – trophy angler chair, pink ht tip up, Tully tournament beanie
Biggest Walleye (kids) 1st Place:  
Biggest Crappie (kids) 1st Place:   
Biggest Sunfish (kids) 1st Place:  
Adults Tournament:
Biggest Northern: 
Biggest Non-Category Fish: 
Biggest Walleye: 
Biggest Sunfish:   
Biggest Crappie:  
2nd Biggest Northern:  
2nd Biggest Non-Category Fish:  
2nd Biggest Walleye: 
2nd Biggest Sunfish: 
2nd Biggest Crappie: 

If you wish to donate for future tournament, contact Shelley Knutson s.tullis1@mchsi.com

A HUGE thank you to Robert (Bob) Counter for the drone aerial videos!!! What an awesome view of the tournament!

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