2018 Tournament

Congratulations to the 2018

Wrestling Scholarship winners

Adam Jaeger, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa

Josh VanLuik, Minnewaska

Nate Thein, New London-Spicer


The results of the 4th Annual Tullis Ice Fishing Memorial Tournament (1/27/2018):

Kids Tournament:

Biggest Fish (boys) 1st Place: Weston Hively, Balaton, MN – 1lb 12″ Crappie won a new bike – Weston also won a Green Hornet for biggest overall fish.


Biggest Fish (girls) 1st Place: Faith Kettering, Glenwood, MN – 12oz  11 3/8″ Crappie won a new bike


Biggest Crappie (boys) 1st Place: Jamison Reed – 14oz  11 3/4″ won rod & reel and tackle box

Biggest Crappie (girls) 1st Place: Alycia Sonstegard, Hadley, MN – 11oz  11 1/2″ won Rod & Reel and tackle box

Biggest Sunfish (boys) 1st Place: Dylan Sandven, Spicer, MN – 7oz  8 1/2″ won Rod & Reel and tackle box

Biggest Sunfish (girls) 1st Place: Makenna Skindelien – 6oz  7 1/2″ won Rod & Reel and tackle box

-There were no northerns caught by kids and 1 walleye caught by a kid but was given adult grand prize since no walleyes were caught by an Adult.


Adults Tournament:

Biggest Northern: Brandon Erickson – 5lb 5oz  29 1/4″ won Eskimo 5I Fish house. Brandon also won the “Big Shot” trophey for biggest overall fish.


2nd Biggest Northern: Danny Garvick, Belgrade, MN – 4lb 14oz   29″ won a Tow Rope

Biggest Fish Non-Northern: Ryan Dager – 4lb 7oz   27″ Sheephead won Yeti Cooler

2nd Biggest Fish Non-Northern: Adam Laughlin – 3lb 4oz  19″ Largemouth bass won Mr. Buddy Heater

Biggest Walleye: Brayden Evans (5 year old), New London, MN – 2oz  6 1/8″ won Clam Big Foot XL 2000 Fish house (no walleyes were caught by an Adult)


Biggest Crappie: Clayton Kettering, Monticello, MN – 1lb 2oz  13 1/4″ won Vexilar FL-18

2nd Biggest Crappie: Chad Evenson, New London, MN – 1lb  12 1/2″ won StrikeMaster Lazer hand auger

Biggest Sunfish: Grant Gregory, Belgrade, MN – 7oz  8 3/4″ won Eskimo Gas auger

2nd Biggest Sunfish: Chris Rooney, Sedan, MN – 7oz  8 1/2″ won Mora hand auger


A Big Thank You to all of our sponsors, Nancy Koep for putting on the Kids Fishing Clinic after the tournament and everyone who helped to make this possible. 

A Big Thank You goes out to everyone who came out and enjoyed the day with us. We had 207 people register to fish including 26 kids!! Many nice fish were caught once again this year.

Every year during the tournament we see a bald eagle

fly over during the tournament. 

Fly High Anthony! 


If you wish to contact us:

Shelley Knutson at s.tullis1@mchsi.com

Brandon Sonstegard at 507-873-8290


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