2019 Tournament

Congratulations to the 2019

Wrestling Scholarship winners

Isaac Kampsen, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa

Isaac Kampsen, BBE

Minnewaska wrestling club received

the donations due to no senior wrestlers.

Minnewaska wrestling captains

New London-Spicer wrestling club received

the donations due to no senior wrestlers.


Quote from Jack Mueller, BBE Wrestling Coach, about Isaac Kampsen: “In all my years of teaching and coaching, I have never encountered a kid who has changed more than Isaac Kampsen. Isaac was an eighth grader my first year at BBE. At that point, Isaac struggled academically and socially. He lacked confidence which led to struggles in his day to day life. I am not sure exactly when that all changed, but I do know it changed. Isaac has transformed into an exceptional young man. Isaac was one of those wrestlers who joined the sport too late to find a ton of success, but he is one of the best examples I can think of as to how one can contribute to a team without being the “stud”. Isaac was competitive, but handled defeat as well as anyone. He had his share of losses, but he picked up 9 wins for our team this year that we probably wouldn’t have got without him. Isaac has the work ethic and grit it takes to be successful in life. Isaac is set up for a bright future, and I have no doubt he will make the most of it.”


The results of the 5th Annual Tullis Ice Fishing Memorial Tournament (1/26/2019):

Kids Tournament:

Biggest Fish (boys) 1st Place: Colton Arellano, St. Michael, MN – .40lb Crappie won a new boys bike. Had a choice for biggest overall kids fish between bike or a parent/kid  summer fishing trip to Lake Mille Lacs

Biggest Fish (girls) 1st Place: Faith Kettering, Glenwood, MN – .37lb Crappie won a new girls bike.

Biggest Fish (kids)2nd Place: Austin Olson, Willmar, MN – .38lb Crappie won a guided parent/kid summer fishing trip to Lake Mille Lacs.


Biggest Northern (kids): No Northerns were caught in this category.


Biggest Fish Non-Northern (kids): Jada Roggeman, Benson, MN – .19lb Perch won fishing pole, tackle and tackle box

Biggest Walleye (kids) 1st Place: Brayden Evans, New London, MN – .09lb Walleye won tackle/rod box and a walleye spearing fish decoy.

Biggest Crappie (kids) 1st Place: Sahara Nelson, Kandiyohi, MN – .37lb Crappie won fishing pole, tackle and tackle box

Biggest Sunfish (kids) 1st Place: Dylan Sandven, Spicer, MN – .27lb Sunfish. Won custom long rod and tackle


Adults Tournament:

Biggest Northern: Andrew Templer, New London, MN – 5.10lb Northern Pike won Eskimo Fish house

Biggest Non-Category Fish: Adam Laughlin, Willmar, MN – 1.74lb Large Mouth Bass won Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing trip.

Biggest Walleye: Tim Holien, Montevideo, MN – 1.23lb Walleye won StrikeMaster 40 volt auger

Biggest Sunfish: Ayden Gaston, Montrose, MN – .32lb Bluegill won Vexilar FL-18

Biggest Crappie: John Shelton, Grove Lake, MN – .62lb Crappie won Clam Fish House

2nd Biggest Northern: Tony Schrantz, Alexandria, MN – 4.78lb Northern Pike won Hunting Buddy Heater

2nd Biggest Non-Category Fish: Jaime Flickenger, Spicer, MN – .19lb Perch won custom Long Rod

2nd Biggest Walleye: Hunter Wilts, Kerkhoven, MN – .17lb Walleye won Big Buddy Heater

2nd Biggest Sunfish: Clayton Kettering, Glenwood, MN – .32lb Bluegill won custom long rod which he donated back as he is a sponsor and makes the custom long rods. Sunfish category was tied for first place and Ayden weighed his fish in first which first fish weighed is the tie breaker

2nd Biggest Crappie: Tad Westerman, Ostego, MN – .49lb Crappie won Yeti Cooler





Check out a couple videos from the tournament:



Tyler Templer, Anthonys cousin, has Lures at his website. Check out the webpage by clicking the logo below or on Facebook at Tempt-Lure.


A Big Thank You to all of our sponsors. We have too many sponsors to all name but a special thank you to Clam Outdoors, Koeps Bait & Tackle, Kruger Farms and Nancy Mathiason! We could not have had the tournament or the turnout if it wasn’t for our amazing sponsors, donations, everyone who helped and came to support the special event. 

A Big Thank You goes out to everyone who came out and enjoyed the day with us. We had around 158 people register to fish including kids!! 


If you wish to contact us:

Shelley Knutson at s.tullis1@mchsi.com

Brandon Sonstegard at 507-873-8290


Any name corrections or changes please contact Danielle at daniellesonstegard16@hotmail.com
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